Send SMS From Excel

Send SMS From Excel

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Team Glosting Staff asked 5 years ago

1. Login to your user account.

2. Click on SMS From Excel from Utilities tab.

SMS From Excel


3. Click on “Download Sample” file to download sample file.


Download Sample File


4. Add the contacts in sample file as shown below and remove first row (Name and Mobile) text from sample file.

Sample File


Sample: Download Sample File | File must be in .XLS format, MS Excel 97
For Customization of SMS, You can type #A#, #B#, #C#, etc where A,B,C are respective Column Names
Sample Msg: Dear #A#, Your Balance is #C# INR
Sample Output: Dear John, Your Balance is 1000 INR
Note: Mobile Number Should always be in Column B as mentioned in sample.xls file
Column A cannot be left empty. Try with few rows first, then do bulk upload.
5. Select the Sender ID or if you do not have sender ID then leave this field as it is.
6. Click on Choose File and upload the excel contact (Sample File) file.
7. Type the desired SMS in message box.
8. Click on Submit button.
Send SMS