How to Log into cPanel

How to Log into cPanel

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Team Glosting Staff asked 4 years ago

cPanel is a web hosting account management tool available on all hosting plans.

Note: You only get one cPanel per hosting package. If you create addon, parked and subdomains, those domains can be accessed by logging in to your main cPanel; you will not have a separate cPanel.

cPanel access is provided directly through your billing portal. To access your cPanel:

Method 1:

1. Visit (Be sure to replace with your actual domain). You will then see a login page, it will look like this:

cPanel Login

2. Login using your cPanel username and password.

cPanel Dashboard


Method 2:

1. Visit and click on login button. Enter the email and password to login to your client area.


2. In the client area click on services to see your available services.


3. It will display your available services. Choose the hosting package to which you want to login.


4. It will take you to the package details. Click on the “Login to cPanel” button from “Actions” panel available at left side of screen. It will redirect you to the cPanel of selected product.