Create group and store contacts

Create group and store contacts

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Team Glosting Staff asked 5 years ago

The below procedure helps you to create different contact groups, upload contacts and store them to send SMS in future.

1. Click on Group SMS

Group SMS


2. Type the desired group name and click on Create Group.

Create Group


3. Once the group is created then again click on Group SMS to update the groups.

4. Click on Add button to add new contacts.

Add Contacts


Note: You can manually create contacts or upload the excel sheet. Click here to download sample file.

     a. Create contacts manually.

Click on Add Manually. Enter the Name and Mobile number and click on Submit.

Add Manually

     b. Create contacts by uploading excel file (supports .xls only).

Click on Upload file, then choose the file and click on submit button.

Upload File


5. Click on Group SMS to view the manually created or uploaded contacts in group.

6. Click on View link of respective group to see contacts available in group.

View Contacts